I help artists
turn procrastination or inertia into art
I help men
turn difficult or repressed emotions into agency
I help educators
create innovative projects andcurriculum based on their values.
I help the helpers
I support Helping professionals to Disrupt painful patterns of people pleasing. Transforming Caretaking into Caregiving
01 Who You Are

Does this sound like you?

  • You are experiencing parts of yourself that are new and curious, edgy or even scary.
  • You’re sure your life has meaning, and is of benefit beyond littleness, selfishness, supremacy or inferiority, but you can’t get traction to get unstuck.
  • You’re a creative who needs feedback or accountability on a new or existing project, or a new direction. Or you seek to make more of an impact with your work in the world.
  • You’re fired up about bringing about real change in your life and the lives of others, but feel overwhelmed, unclear or uneasy about how to do that.
  • You need space to explore yourself and be witnessed in it.
  • You want support in navigating strong emotions and healing shame, blame, guilt and grievance.
  • You want to live your life, not someone else’s. After all “An unexamined life is not worth living.”
  • You want to unlock more of your inborn gifts and talents and treasures - you also have a hunger to learn new skills.
02 My Promise

My promise is that this work will meet you where you are, and will go with you where you want to go.

03 FAQ


If you still have some questions, have a look at my FAQ

Why would I hire King Lexie as my Consultório Coach?

You’re in a transition. Something marvelous has happened, or something awful has happened, or nothing is happening.  Something is changing in you, and you need reflection and refinement- you need to attune to yourself, so you can move differently.  Consultório helps you hold complexity, get perspective and the space to shift. You hire me as your coach because you believe in growth, you like to be challenged, supported and you need someone who is radically present,  embodied and helps you innovate.

How is this different from therapy and life coaching?

Consultório Coaching and life coaching are not therapy.  Coaches do not diagnose people, while therapists may determine pathologies to treat their patients clinically. Consultório doesn’t diagnose or treat illness. They are similar in that they each support people in making healthful changes in their own ways.

Generally speaking, therapy deals with healing from one’s past and life coaching deals with moving forward to achieve particular future goals. While of course these aren’t mutually exclusive; someone who has worked on their past in therapy is likely going to have a much different future than someone who hasn’t taken that lid off.

Consultório is unique in that it utilizes the present moment, to go backwards or forwards in time to help you understand yourself better. With embodied awareness you find new ways of doing things, and then you can go with greater freedom and clarity in the direction you choose to go. When you know where you’ve gone, and how it served you, you can discover new options.

What is the “body-mind” connection?

In short, the mind-body connection is knowing for yourself that you’re not a disconnected, separate self out there in the world.  All beings have a bodymind and some  sort of experience of their self.  In this work, this is that is meant by somatic experience. We all have a common ground of being,  and unique ways and means of expressing our self.  You’re not just your thinking  and you’re not just the rumbling sensations in your body.  Relating to ourselves as only a ‘talking head’ leaves us up in the clouds and out of our sense and sensibility.  We often hear the phrase ‘she was in her head about that.’ This usually implies being spacey,  mired in stressful thinking and disconnected not just from our own body, but also from the soma (body) of earth and of other creatures great and small.  I find that the whole body, whole self approach is useful when we want to engage change. In a mind-body approach we attend to our whole self, the parts and pieces, as well as the metaphor of ourself as whole. We experience  our thinking, feeling, sensing, relational, wondrous, and ordinary self as we trouble ourselves with ourselves. It’s courageous, daring and darling.

What types of people hire a coach?

  1. Creatives in need of ongoing accountability and feedback with themselves or through a project.
  2. People who don’t expect others to ‘fix’ them. But know they need support to ‘level up’ or lean into new areas.
  3. Educators, and Creatives who are feeling stagnant or stuck  and who want to feel vibrant and alive – even in mundane situations.  
  4. People who want to experience greater rapport (stop being at war) with themselves, other selves and life itself.
“Coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter in your head that tells you all the time that you’re not good enough” – Oprah Winfrey

Do I need coaching?

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Why coaching in “cycles”?

Committing to yourself over time through any process yields powerful results, no matter what it is, whatever you consistently do, will make a change in your experience. Coaching is no different, but it is exceptional and life changing.  People who commit to being coached are more likely to achieve and exceed their goals and find treasures they didn’t even know they were looking for.  

I created the cycles because it’s a unique way to measure growth over time in a digestible way.  It’s informative and important to book-end experiences. The cycles do this by giving clients the chance to relate to a beginning, middle and end.  After three months, clients  look back and see how they’ve changed and track their process.  Like nature has seasons and cycles so do humans and things.   Lining up with seasonal cycles is a meaningful way to engage with the natural, multidimensional and iterative selves we are.

What does a typical session involve/look like?

We will meet for 1 hour over zoom. Our session is tailored to you and as Ticht That Han says, to ‘Who you are today, darling’- In this way, no two sessions are identical, but you may explore the same theme(s) in different ways for as long as you need.  In the sessions, you can expect to talk,  listen, feel, and sense your body.  You’ll experiment with new ways of relating to yourself through imagination, homework and practicing new skills.  It’s typical for clients to feel emotions, have breakthrough in and between sessions,  attend to sensations and to gain insight. There is typically some really good  laughter that happens.  We’ll check in on how it’s been going since our last session, what it’s like now and what you’d like to explore or work through today.

04 Intro Session

No-Pitch Intro Session

Let's connect! Book a no-pitch introductory call and take some dedicated time for yourself.
I'm thrilled to meet you.