Boundaries & Flow
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Boundaries are natural. Learning how this is true clients implement healthy limits. This creates a felt sense of safety and security. Get good at saying no , saying yes, and experience flow states to unlock new creative possibilities.

Welcome to CASCADE this transformative experience is tailored to you. It provides great care and ongoing support, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for growth and exploration.

Grow in your own personal and professional work as you explore Sense perception, points of view, and the naturalness of boundaries.

Perception and points of view play a crucial role in both creativity and well-being, as they shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Boundaries, on the other hand, are a natural part of basic sanity, healthy relationships and authentic self-care.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unbind your creativity , establish truly healthy boundaries, and transform your life.


"I have been coming to the Consultório for five years now, and I return whenever I need support with the direction I want to go, be it personally or creatively, which is very intertwined. Working with Lexie is beautiful/powerful on many levels, I love the methods and her expertise in various fields..."

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"I have worked with Consultorio for over 2 years now and they have helped me create and hold not only a safe but brave space for myself and others in my life both personally and professionally. Continuously challenged by my inner self, the work and insights they share has taught me to trust my instincts..."

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Joel Sturrock

"Lexie is a clear thinker and a good listener. Ultimately I appreciate her practicality. She is a mix of aggressive (meaning she is willing to cut to the chase) and compassionate. She’s not just trying to run out the clock, she’s trying to get to the heart of a problem. I also liked that I did a free session..."

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Jesse Hogue

"Steinbeck said, "Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen". If you're a creative feeling stuck and need to unpack what's holding you back and create a map for action, Consultório is an ideal fit. You'll get..."

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Matthew Barry

"Well, if you are reading this, I dare you to meet King Lexie for 90 seconds. Until my recent Consultório experience, my King Lexie encounters were primarily through a yoga studio. And based on 7 years of data collection, I don't think it takes more than 30 seconds to FEEL King Lexie in the room..."

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Megan Holcomb

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