An Invitation to Gentle Disruption

This week’s somatic sojourn is a video & an invitation.

Not yet open to the public, the 33rd Bienal, Sâo Paulo, is nearly empty of people, but filled with artworks from the world over.  

One little body makes her way through the massive space, offering up mini movement sequences in dialogue with various installations.


In this video, 33rd Bienal hasn’t opened to the public. So this is an archive of the before times.  Before the happening, happens, before reviewers come in and have their say, before thousands of interpreters, interpret, before anyone can say, "You can't!"

Mushrooms are keepers from the before times. According to recent studies,  the first mushrooms were already present on Earth between 715 and 810 million years ago, 300 million years earlier than the scientific community had believed until now.  Fungi, also notorious blabbermouths, are known to chat, chat chitty chat with humans whenever we’re on the scene together.

Mushrooms are then both timelords and teachers.  Resilient and connected, they are ever-telling teaching tales of composting, networking, building, proliferation, and regeneration. They are disruptors of space before the idea of disruption can even be a thought in or a doubt in our mind.


Where are you working in the underground? What gentle disruption can you bring to the already established order?


A. Is there a public space you care about where you could bring a little movement, a song, or a game? Where can you give yourself a sanction, a pardon, or a permission slip to offer a little something before anyone asks you to, or not to?

B. If you decide to do this and document it, feel free to share what you've made via email. Any other questions, thoughts or reflections are welcome as well.

Hundreds of clay mushrooms made by school children in Sâo Paulo Brasil and Antonio Ballester Moreno.